Allah | Muhammad (Set of 2 Panels)
Allah | Muhammad (Set of 2 Panels)

Allah | Muhammad (Set of 2 Panels)

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Allah (الله (جلّ جلاله- Muhammad (محمد (صل الله عليه و سلّم This 2-panels canvas set captures the everlasting love Muslims have for our Creator Allah (May He be Glorified and Exalted), and Muhammad (May Allah bless him and grant him peace). Make it a part of your home and rejoice in Allah and His Messenger, peace, and blessings be upon him.

Content: All our Islamic canvas art / Arabic canvas art focuses on your favorite words, chapters, and verses from the Quran, and from authentic hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Search our growing catalog of Islamic decorations / Arabic decorations and find the perfect piece for you, your family, and friends.

Artistic designs: Our talented designers spend many hours designing and perfecting these Arabic canvas masterpieces. They are a mix of modern contemporary Islamic art / Arabic art design elements along with classic traditional Islamic calligraphy and geometric art. Just beautiful Arabic decor and Islamic prints for your home/business or friends and family. They also make great Islamic gifts.


  • Metal Photo Prints Frame 
  • Acrylic Photo Prints Frame
  • Canvas Frame
  • Forex® Photo Board

Metal Photo Prints are multi-layered panels consisting of a plastic core encased between a pair of aluminum sheets. A protective laminate means the photo on aluminum provides a fantastically durable photo print. Metal prints are perfect for those seeking class and sophistication. This Art piece is also available as Canvas.

Elegant and Durable Metal Prints:

  • The special composite panel for greater durability
  • Photo reproduction without the use of solvents
  • Covered with a protective laminate to prevent UV damage
  • Elegant appearance for those who appreciate luxury
  • Artwork printed on laboratory-quality photo paper
  • Aluminum Prints – A Decor Item Suited to Any Setting:
Your aluminum print will be coated with a UV-protective layer that will not only keep the print safe but also provide an eye-catching surface and richer depth of field. The laminate also protects your metal photo print from the effects of humidity, meaning you can even display it in your kitchen with complete confidence

Acrylic glass pictures with a solid aluminum Dibond backing are very sturdy. The timeless design of photos on glossy acrylic is suitable for presentations of any type and meets the highest professional requirements.
  • Crystal clear acrylic glass

  • Real photo print & permanently elastic silicone

  • Sturdy aluminum Dibond backing

In combination with aluminum Dibond, a three-layer material, photos behind acrylic glass are particularly sturdy. Permanently elastic silicone is the ideal substance for sealing different materials to each other. It is flexible and intercepts material expansion due to temperature fluctuations. This guarantees lasting, bubble-free, and crack-free mounting.

Premium Photo Canvas Prints: The top-quality canvas fabric is manually stretched over a hand-made spruce wood stretcher frame. Every photo canvas print is produced using only solvent-free HP latex inks.

  • Quality You'll Love With Archival Grade Materials & Vivid Colors. This Beautiful Canvas Wall Art Will Brighten Up the decor in your Home, Office, Living Room, Bedroom, Nursery, and Mosques!
  • FRAMED & READY TO HANG - Hand-stretched canvas on a quality spruce wood frame
  • High-resolution photo printing in vivid colors
  • UV-resistant inks, totally free of solvents
  • Canvas certified for professional photo printing
  • AMAZING QUALITY CANVAS ART - You Get The Highest Quality, Vibrant, Accurate Colors! GUARANTEED to brighten up your home and walls, don't settle for dull or inferior/poor print quality!
  • Canvas Print Supplied Ready To Hang On a Nail In Your Wall -Manufactured & Packed in Secure Cardboard Packaging
  • Premium Quality Canvas Prints with Archival Grade Materials

Forex® Photo Board Prints are a wallet-friendly decor solution that’s especially suitable for walls with limited load-bearing capacity. A Forex® print is a print reproduction of our art on a 5mm hard foam panel. Sleek photo board prints are popular as our most accessible option.

  • A smooth finish produces an elegant effect
  • Most wallet-friendly wall decor item in our catalog
  • Incredibly light yet very durable foam board
  • Accurate trim work and neatly rounded corners
  • Comes with a free hanger set