SubhanAllah | Alhamdulillah | Allah Hu Akbar | Set of 3
SubhanAllah | Alhamdulillah | Allah Hu Akbar | Set of 3
SubhanAllah | Alhamdulillah | Allah Hu Akbar | Set of 3

SubhanAllah | Alhamdulillah | Allah Hu Akbar | Set of 3

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Give a gift that is remembered for years to come with countless blessings. According to Islamic sayings, Hadiya is a gift given to a friend or relative with an expression of love and fellow feeling, and, through it, the good pleasure of the Lord is to be sought, that it becomes a gift. If, however, a gift is made with sincerity, the reward, on it, is not less than on charity, and, sometimes, even greater. Holy Prophet accepted a Hadiya (gift) with prayer and thankfulness and made use of it.

SubhanAllah | Alhamdulillah | Allahu Akbar | Set of 3 Artistic rustic pink panels | Islamic wall art | Islamic home decor | Islamic canvas print| Islamic gifts

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